Bicycle Fit:

Perfecting Your Ride,
One Fit at a Time.

A cycling jersey featuring black, white, and orange design details, with the logo "bicycle fit guru" prominently displayed.
Speedy Gear Delivery for Bike Fitters

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Speedy Gear Delivery for Bike Fitters

Speedy Gear Delivery for Bike Fitters

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Speedy Gear Delivery for Bike Fitters

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A modern black road bicycle with drop handlebars and dual disc brakes, set against a transparent background.

Client Experiences

Dave Howells
BC BikeFit

I love the Bicycle Fit products. The wedges are nicer and much more manageable to use than all other brands.


I wanted to let you know that I had a tough, 51 mile ride Sunday morning with the Bikery group and, for the first time in several months, I had none of the searing knee pain after.

Buster Brown

Thank you for the wonderful products and service you offer. It will truly change how people ride a bike.

Dennis Howe PT, MPT, OCA

From a fitter's perspective who uses your products consistently your products are the KEY to a good fit.

Ashley Knights
The Force Training, Owner

I love what you do. I have a lot of faith in the products and the work you have done.